The Road Less Traveled

“For years, the projected potential of developing nations has been calculated from oil fields, pipelines, mines, and contracting sprees, based on the supposition that as a country learned how to utilize its resources, the quality of life for its population would improve. But the developing world is perhaps the best argument against trickle down economics, as a surplus of resources often results in nothing more than a destitute public indentured to warlords and thugs rolling around in fleets of Mercedes.

But these traditional channels of economic ascension focus on men. Who was the last female natural gas pipeline operator in Chechnya, oil rig operator in Oman, or futures trader profiting from it all in Mumbai? In societies where women are relegated to caretaker roles their husbands often do not financially equip them to perform, women are left without a rudimentary education or the cultural leniency to so much as leave the house, never mind open a bank account to invest what little money they have into a more sustainable future.”

For more, read Elizabeth’s article in the Huffington Post.

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