Talk of the Town: Dominic Ciafardini’s Caption Collection

“Dominic Ciafardini is having something of a moment, and he has the late film critic Roger Ebert to thank. Upon Ebert’s death last month, the New Yorker‘s cartoon editor Robert Mankoff noted that Ebert had entered that magazine’s not-so-august caption contest 107 times. Sensing an opportunity, the New Yorker‘s PR department called Mankoff to see if these 107 entries constituted the record for most prolific enterer. And it was in search of a reply that Mankoff came up with Dominic, along with his 368 unsuccessful submissions.

That was a rather lot, Mankoff noted. And so to the envy of aspiring wits everywhere, Dominic’s first appearance in the New Yorker became a profile entitled “Dauntless Dominic,” featuring five of Mankoff’s favorite entries. Snubbed by the caption contest and its attendant unannotated credit, but given a full-page of type by an editor — did Dominic even care about winning the contest anymore?”

For more, read Elizabeth’s article in the Huffington Post.

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