These Game Changers Are Fueling St. Louis’ Start-Up Revival

When people think about St. Louis, some may think of poverty and impoverished neighborhoods. That may be the case in certain areas, but there is also a fast-growing tech scene.

According to a recent report, the city’s technology jobs have increased by 25% in the past year, and tech salaries are up by 13%.

“The collective energy and momentum surrounding innovation and entrepreneurship in St. Louis right now is pretty palpable,” said Chad Stiening, who’s early-stage company Kypha has raised more than $3 million since launching in 2011. “We’re seeing the human, intellectual, physical and financial capital all reaching critical mass and it’s creating an ecosystem that’s essential to be competitive in the marketplace,” he said.

But while the low cost of living and access to funding is enticing, such qualities don’t exactly differentiate St. Louis from many other tech hubs scattered between the coasts. So what makes St. Louis so special?

For more, read Elizabeth’s full article on PolicyMic.

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