There’s One Big Lie Being Told About Obamacare — And it Won’t Go Away

Quick: Is the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, well-liked by the public? If you tune in to political news, you might think it’s one of the most hated laws in the nation.

The reason for that is simple: twisted information.

Calling the Affordable Care Act unpopular has become something of a given for any journalist writing a story about the law. While polls often show it’s viewed as “unfavorable,” those numbers are often thrown around with little context and are used to color reality as if there’s this great groundswell of Americans who want the ACA tossed out entirely. But that isn’t the case. The most recent poll from Kaiser, out this week, was another case in point.

For more, read Elizabeth’s full article on Policy Mic.

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