A Former Combat Advisor Is Exploring the War on Terror through the Eyes of a Young Afghani

Elliot Ackerman served as a Marine infantry and special forces officer in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2003 to 2011, at the height of the War on Terror. In Afghanistan, he also worked as a combat advisor to an Afghan battalion tasked with capturing senior figures in the Taliban. Ackerman has parlayed his experiences into a remarkable debut novel, Green on Blue, which chronicles the short path of a young Afghan boy from powerless orphan to “important man.” The book takes its title from the expression for military fratricide as applied to the war in Afghanistan, when a member of the Afghan Army (in a green uniform) attacks a US soldier (in a blue one). Set in a murky world of ever-shifting allegiances in the rural, mountainous region of Afghanistan near the Pakistan border, Ackerman’s novel attempts to explain why these attacks occur.

Read the rest of Elizabeth’s article on Vice.

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