Hitler, Franco, and a Banker: The Path Not Taken in Nazi Germany

Winston Churchill’s axiom that history is written by the victors is a cliché drilled into budding historians, hinting to them, perhaps, that alternative histories can be unearthed by imagining what might have happened had the losers won. In the case of Nazi Germany, the history written by the victor is largely one of an ideologically coherent political party on a racially-driven quest for Teutonic world domination. In the newly-released Hitler’s Shadow Empire: Nazi Economics and the Spanish Civil War, Pierpaolo Barbieri illustrates why history should be written by historians rather than mere victors by vividly and meticulously illuminating the two very different conceptions of a what a strong Germany meant in the Nazi Party’s prewar years among the party’s leaders.

Read the rest of Elizabeth’s story on The World Post.

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