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Snowden’s Pandering to Entrepreneurs Proves What He Doesn’t Know About Data

When Edward Snowden spoke via teleconference last week at the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas, he had an unequivocal message for entrepreneurs: Tech startups should focus on building privacy and secure communication into their business models. During peak viewership, more than 40,000 people tuned in to Snowden’s live stream. Moderator (and Snowden legal adviser) Ben Wizner of […]

Michael Bloomberg Is Offering $7 Million for Someone to Solve Europe’s Biggest Problems

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to solve Europe’s biggest problems by searching for entrepreneurs with the best ideas. Bloomberg, who has pledged to give away the majority of his estimated $33 billion net worth, organizes his charitable activities under the umbrella of Bloomberg Philanthropies. The orgnanization focuses on the environment, the arts, government innovation and education. Each year, Bloomberg Philanthropies […]

These Game Changers Are Fueling St. Louis’ Start-Up Revival

When people think about St. Louis, some may think of poverty and impoverished neighborhoods. That may be the case in certain areas, but there is also a fast-growing tech scene. According to a recent report, the city’s technology jobs have increased by 25% in the past year, and tech salaries are up by 13%. “The collective energy and momentum […]

France’s Burqa Ban Gets New Scrutiny in European Court

Another conflict between the European Union and one of its member states has come to a head over France’s prohibition of women wearing the naqib, or the full-face veil. The European Court of Human Rights is considering a case brought by an unnamed Muslim woman who says the French mandate that she remove her veil in public is […]

Fear and Loathing in La France: Marine Le Pen Injects Islamophobia Into the Release of Four French Hostages

Since its founding in 1972, France’s National Front, and the Le Pen dynasty that runs it, has always been vehemently xenophobic. Now, party head Marine Le Pen seems to think that French citizens who return to the country not looking adequately Anglo-Saxon have some “explaining to do” – even if they are returning from thirty-seven […]

Revisiting Hannah Arendt: A new biopic sheds light on the famous philosopher’s most controversial writing

Hannah Arendt, the German-American political theorist best known for her books The Human Condition, The Origins of Totalitarianism, and Eichmann in Jerusalem, is back in the news almost forty years after her death thanks to an new biopic of her life, in which she is played by German actress Barbara Sukowa. For more, read Elizabeth’s full article on Archetypes.

Lunch with Victor Navasky

“Victor Navasky, the ex-editor and publisher of the iconic leftist weekly The Nation, author of six books on American history and media, and professor at the Columbia School of Journalism, is a pillar of contemporary journalism. His latest entry, The Art of Controversy: Political Cartoons and Their Enduring Power, is a compendium of political cartoons that have rattled […]