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Parisians Are Taking Less of a Laissez-Faire Approach to Wellness

As of late, how-to guides dedicated to living life like a French woman lacked details of juicing routines and meditation mantras. And for good reason: Most French women didn’t have them. French women were famous for not getting fat, for the insouciance with which they pecked at foie gras and fromage, not for their balanced chakras […]

A Conversation with Launching Creative on Working All Over the World

I had the good fortune to speak recently with Launching Creative founder Nik Parks about working and living from all over the world in this digital age, in which work is often done remotely on a freelance contract. Check out our conversation here.  

These Game Changers Are Fueling St. Louis’ Start-Up Revival

When people think about St. Louis, some may think of poverty and impoverished neighborhoods. That may be the case in certain areas, but there is also a fast-growing tech scene. According to a recent report, the city’s technology jobs have increased by 25% in the past year, and tech salaries are up by 13%. “The collective energy and momentum […]

Benneton Grauver: The Stationer To Celebs & Royals for Over 130 Years

Some of the world’s most beautiful stationary sits stacked on shelves in a discreet shop in Paris’ haute 8th Arrondissment. With clients like Sofia Coppola, Martin Scorsese, and a host of French nobility, Benneton Gravuer has been turning out exquisite paper products and other engraving for over 130 years. For more, read Elizabeth’s full article on JustLuxe.

The Musée Baccarat Puts the Brand’s Finest Crystal on Display in Paris

  Baccarat has long been the crystal of choice for the world’s most discerning customers, the history of which is the focus of a beautiful museum in Paris’ 16th Arrondissment. The Musée Baccarat is located in the former home of the eccentric and influential French patron of the arts Marie-Laure de Noailles, and is also the brand’s […]

City on a Hill: An Expat Reflects on the Boston Marathon Bombings

“As Gertrude Stein called America her country but Paris her hometown, St. Louis may be where I was born and raised, but Boston is where I am from. When the Tsarnaev brothers bombed, shot at, and otherwise terrorized my beautiful city last week, they illuminated how much a place I didn’t grow up and haven’t […]

The Road Less Traveled

“For years, the projected potential of developing nations has been calculated from oil fields, pipelines, mines, and contracting sprees, based on the supposition that as a country learned how to utilize its resources, the quality of life for its population would improve. But the developing world is perhaps the best argument against trickle down economics, […]

On Kindness (and New York City Supers)

“It’s easy to be kind when water isn’t coming through your ceiling, when your back is nowhere near up against a wall. But who are you when it is?” For more, read Elizabeth’s article in the Huffington Post.