If you’re reading this, it’s too late. Unless you’re wearing glasses and serums expressly engineered to block them, millions of tiny particles of high-energy visible (HEV) light have already travelled from the screen of your phone, iPad, or laptop down to the deepest level of your skin, where they are already beginning to work their […]

The dreams begin a week into quarantine. A flight to Shanghai leaves without me while I run around a terminal of inscrutable gate agents. Gladiators spar in the Colosseum, while a grad-school professor and I watch silently from the shade. The dreams are pulsing with life, but when I wake up in my Brooklyn apartment, […]

Adolescent girls operate under at least two pernicious mythologies: first, that the content of their lives is unserious (crushes! cosmetics! curfew!), and second, that there is a related cap on their potential to suffer. Popular culture tells them that they will endure, at most, romantic yearnings for doltish boys, or the double-binding shame of being […]

The news that Barney’s New York will soon open a cannabis boutique (or “luxury head shop,” as the company put it) in its Beverly Hills flagship feels like nothing so much as a sign that mainstream cannabis capitalism is approaching its apogee. A confluence of factors has contributed to the legal cannabis industry’s runaway growth. The legalisation and […]

In Goop Health had all the makings of a holiday. The summit—hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness empire, Goop, this weekend at Manhattan’s Pier 17—was festive from the outset. Upon entering the cavernous main hall, athleisure-clad attendees (including a few men in “Goopfellas” t-shirts) were given the first of a series of surprise gifts: a pair […]

The new gallery space LX (that’s Roman numeral for 60) is aiming to bring the boundary-pushing, interdisciplinary, and after-hours spirit of the downtown art world to the avid collectors forty blocks north. “60th Street is the most vibrant block on the Upper East Side,” founder Louis Buckworth said. He added, “There has been a real […]

As of late, how-to guides dedicated to living life like a French woman lacked details of juicing routines and meditation mantras. And for good reason: Most French women didn’t have them. French women were famous for not getting fat, for the insouciance with which they pecked at foie gras and fromage, not for their balanced chakras […]

At age 34, Patrisse Khan-Cullors is already a veteran activist. She started as a teenage member of the Los Angeles Bus Riders Union, a group devoted to improving access to public transportation. That niche-sounding cause belies a radical agenda—one of the group’s slogans is “1,000 more buses, 1,000 less police,” and it successfully sued LA County […]

During the 1964 presidential election, a magazine called Fact ran a poll of psychiatrists on Barry Goldwater, the GOP nominee who was regarded by many as a right-wing kook and an unstable warmonger. The psychiatrists, none of whom had examined Goldwater, largely echoed that sentiment in their responses, and after Goldwater lost, he sued successfully for libel. As […]

On April 30, 1945, as Soviet troops closed in on the city, Adolf Hitler shot himself in a Berlin bunker. In the years since, the Nazi dictator’s suicide has been attributed to various factors: Germany’s looming defeat; the harsh treatment he knew he would receive at the hands of his Soviet captors; his fear of […]